Remembering yourself

 Most of us are caught in this game of life and between kids and work, we barely have enough time to take showers let alone just sit and be. And because of this self-neglect, we have come to a critical cross roads in our evolution. We have forgotten how to self-love and instead self-medicate. We self-medicate with drugs or alcohol or food or porn or whatever your vice of choice is. We nurture ourselves by numbing ourselves, so we don’t have to do the work that is necessary to become fully developed, emotionally healthy individual spirits. Our emotional intelligence has taken a backseat to the physical world of finances and designer clothes and celebrities and vacations and social media and a plethora of other depravities that really don’t mean anything in the great scheme of things.

 Why has this happened? Why have we allowed ourselves to become so enveloped in the physical world that we have forgotten the spiritual world. And no, I don’t mean religion. I mean your individual spirituality and self. Not the rules that have been set up by a hierarchy to scare or guilt you into being what they tell you to be. But, the act of connecting with nature and feeling it’s vibrations coarse thru your veins. The feel of the wind whipping thru your hair, the sun hammering down on your face. And then of course, the tethering of human spirits. Connecting, Loving, Helping.

 And the crazy thing is, is that’s it’s not that hard to just step back and say enough. I’m done with living the lie. I’m done with self-medicating. I’m done with feeling sorry for myself because I can’t afford this or that. I’m done with the things that don’t matter. I want peace, I want love, I want happiness, I want harmony, I want to return to my original spirit form. The spirit I was as a child. The child that was carefree and adventurous and loving and silly. The person you were meant to be before you were discouraged, abused and scarred. That incredible kid is still inside of you wanting and waiting to be rediscovered.

 So do yourself a favor. Start with just five minutes. Five minutes to walk outside by yourself. Sit on the ground, place your hands beside you and take a deep breathe. And don’t think. Just breathe. In and out. In and out. Then start to remember something you liked to do as a kid. I liked to play in the creek behind my house and pretend that I was the Queen of my own land where everybody danced and sang and nobody was sad.

 What was your dream?

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