How do we find our path?

There are too many of us just floating thru life. Fluttering from one dramatic circumstance to the next. Waiting and expecting for our dreams to come to fruition, and because of that, we have an incredibly sad, angry and lost society. We live in a culture where being famous has become more important than finding our passion and path and because of that we seem to have lost the spark for original creation. That spark that created some of the most amazing films, music, art and written word that our world has ever seen…why is this?
Is it because of social media perpetuating unrealistic situations or the media in general who pumps us with half truths or is it simply because we have become so complacent with quick fixes, self-importance and drama filled existences that we no longer feel the yearn to explore and meditate on our destiny’s? And the truth is… I don’t know. I don’t know why we have become so obsessed with finding our way yet don’t really want to put the work know what I’m talking about. Sitting down and really looking inward and dissecting our desires, our needs, our wants. And no, I’m not talking about the physical or material wants and needs. I’m talking about our spiritual needs..our emotional needs. The scary stuff.
Why do I say the scary stuff? Because when you really look inside, sometimes you don’t like what you see. You aren’t comfortable with exploring your downfalls and we all have them. We certainly shouldn’t dwell on them but it’s healthy to be able to truly take a look at yourself and say, this is why I’m not succeeding in my life. The negativity, the self-doubt, the self hatred. We all have these things that creep into our lives and wreak havoc on us in untoward ways.
So how do we get out of our own way so we can find our path and we can live our passion in a productive and positive way? Maybe we should just start by accepting ourselves, accepting the beautifully damaged and lovely beings that we have become. Accept that we aren’t perfect but that we are perfectly imperfect. And then stop making excuses for our failures and just start doing what we love.
I really think it’s that easy..What do you think?

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