Living in Love

Have you ever looked at a toddler?
Really and without preconceived notions observed at a toddler?
Have you ever breathed in their innocence, their wonder, their excitement?
It’s contagious, it’s wonderous, it’s beautiful.
They have yet to be tainted by this world. They have yet to scarred by the ugliness of experience. They have yet to be tortured by their own thoughts. I admire this greatly.
Everyday, I look at my beautiful sweet boy and rejoice that he has yet to be touched by heart break, by ugliness, by cruelty and yet at the exact same time, my heart aches with the thought that someday he will be hurt so much that his innocnece with be ripped from him and replaced with uncertainty, hate and sadness. Unforunately, it’s inevitable because at some point in our life, we all come across the negative hatred that seems to be all to common in this world.
Even as a 44 year old woman with three children, I still am naive to the world in so many ways. I truly am. I don’t understand why people are so full of hate and disdain for people that they do not know, why some people feel the need to act violently towards those they say they love the most and torture each other emotionally to the point that one feels like they must take their own life. What has happened in the perpetrators life to cause them to be so full of hate, so full of disdain with so little respect for life.
A life that we only get to live once, a life that affects every soul we touch, a life that is so precious that many never get the chance to experience it.
Remember that every person that we come in contact with is somehow affected by our words and actions. Every judegemental look, every sigh, every negative comment somehow impacts every single person that we touch. You might not realize how much you influence those around you, strangers and known alike, but you do, in immeasurable ways.
So go forth in love. Go forth with good intentions. Go forth with the knowledge that you have the power to change someone’s life whether it be for the good or bad.

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