The evolution of I am…

When I started I am.. a year and a half ago, I had one purpose. To celebrate the outer beauty of women. I wanted women to understand that they were all beautiful, regardless of their size, shape or stature. And this sustained my soul for a while. And then something changed.

My life changed. I changed.

A plethora of events would occur between March 2017 and the present day, events that would fundamentally change my soul forever. People would come into my life and people leave my life. My situation would change dramatically and my heart would change even more. And I would quickly lose my passion, my drive, my direction. I have tried to resurrect I am… a few times to complete failure on my part. I still hadn’t found my direction. They were lame attempts to satisfy the requests of others. And every time, my spark would quickly fizzle out again. Leaving me again feeling lost and like a failure.
So although life has not calmed down completely and I still haven’t completely found my way, I have found my new direction for I am…

For now, the picture series will be set aside and I am going to focus on telling stories about my experiences and the experiences of those around me. Through out the past year and a half, I have met the most amazing people. People who have inspired from the get go. People who I identify with. People who are fighting battles and succeeding against all odds. I want to tell their stories. I want their stories to inspire others the way that they have inspired me.

Their stories include having custody of six kids, opening a business and fighting thru nearly losing it all only to succeed. Fighting a life long battle of mental illness. Overcoming physical ailments. Living their dreams. Being single in their 40’s… and the list goes on and on. I guess the moral of all of these stories is that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind. Everyone gets overwhelmed…not all stories have a happy ending…not everyone wins their battle but sometimes they do. Some of these stories will touch people, some will infuriate people but hopefully all will inspire you in some way.

This version of I am… will not only include pictures, videos and stories of women but of men as well. I have learned from and been as inspired by as many men this year as I have by woman so I want to salute them by including them now.
Thank you for your patience and continued support.





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