Learning to celebrate everyone’s wins.

When did it become taboo to celebrate our successes because it might offend someone who isn’t doing as well? Must we not be proud of our accomplishments and good choices because someone might be offended by their lack of.

It’s seems as if we live in a culture where we are seen as boastful and arrogant if we exclaim our proudness over the fact that we  are able to buy our kids something amazing or if we made the choice to take care of ourselves and lost weight or even if we worked hard and got that promotion. Why is this? Why can’t we be proud?

It seems as if it’s far more acceptable to talk about our insecurity and self hatred, rather than celebrate the fact that someone has awesome self esteem and sees themselves as beautiful and worthy.

I for one celebrate when other people do well. It doesn’t bother me that someone has made better choices than me and is far more successful than me. I see them as inspiration’s to do better in my own life.

Maybe, I am the odd ball. Maybe, I live in a dream world where we as humans all do better when each of us live in success and positivity as oppose to negativity.

So before you punish someone for their success , take a moment and put your insecurities and jealousy to the side and remember that this is just a person, who yesterday may have had a failure and today is winning. Celebrate their win. Celebrate their good choices. Celebrate your ability to be an  amazingly supportive person and know that your turn is just around the corner and use their sucess as a road map for yours.

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