Stop making excuses and live the life your meant to live today

 Do you proclaim yourself to be an independent, free thinking, strong free spirit of a woman?

 I certainly do. Or I did at least.

As I watch the new Amazon TV show, Good Girls Revolt, I am reminded what our foremothers went thru for us to be able to do and be whatever we want. They fought for their equal place in the world. They fought for our right to vote, our right to make our own decisions for our bodies, even our right to work in any field that we want. And yet, I am also reminded on a daily basis how modern day women, like myself, take for granted all of their struggles, their fights and their tears.

Instead of choosing our happiness and fighting for what we really want, which is generally not the easy road, we settle for what we think we are worth because the easier road causes less waves and makes less people feel uncomfortable. We settle for an $8.00/hr. job and then whine about the fact that we are broke and are in an unsatisfying marriage because we can’t afford to leave because of our $8.00/hr. job that we chose. We choose to settle because we are told that our kids would be happier if we stay in our unhappy marriage. We choose to stay and whine instead of fighting the status quo and live our lives the way we really want to live. Why do we do this?

 Why do we continue to live a life that is not conducive to our own inner beliefs?  Why are we so scared to stand up and scream, I  don’t want this life. Why are we so inhibited by our own insecurities?

And are we passing our lack of balls to our children. We always say we want better for our children. But why don’t we want better for ourselves? We should be the role models for our daughters. They should look to us when they are aspiring to be something great instead of Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian.

We have to stop living for tomorrow. We have to stop putting off our dreams and hopes until our kids get older or until our financial situation get better.

We have to stop living a lie today. This moment. This second.

Be brave and declare that I won’t live in my dreams anymore. I won’t sit back and not choose to do something because it makes your life easier. I won’t sacrifice my hard work and dreams because it makes you uncomfortable that I don’t need and depend on you  anymore. And show your kids that it’s never okay to settle. We are all capable of doing amazing things. We are all here to make a difference. We are all here to live our lives out loud!

So stop whining, stop making excuses, stop wishing.

And live the life that we are meant to live today.








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