Behind Every Brave Face

By: Ellen Harris

Life, what a roller coaster ride it is. Just when you are enjoying the adrenaline rush, wind in your hair ride down the tallest of hills…it happens! You SEE the upcoming hill to climb, and you hear clickety clack, clickety clack, and of course the beating of your heart in your head…So put that into relation of LIFE, your trials and tribulations, your worries, your pain, THE UNKNOWN! And just as you do while riding that roller coaster, YOU SMILE, you SMILE at your friends, you SMILE at your co-workers. They ask “How are you?” “How are things going?” Once again you SMILE and give them the answer they want to hear…Fine, Doing Better, you know the politically correct answers, all the while you are wanting to SCREAM and CRY…because sometimes things aren’t FINE, yes maybe doing a little better today than yesterday but wondering…How long does it last? You are putting on your “BRAVE FACE” the face they want to see!!

So today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year when you ask someone you know is going through a tough time…remember this…Behind Every Brave Face there is a scared, can the world get any tougher person!

Then stop and Say a Prayer for this Person!

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