What to do when everyone tells you… don’t do it?

By: Vanessa Jones

What do you do when everyone tells you…don’t do it? They say…it will be hard on you; it will be hard on him; it will be hard on the kids! Family won’t accept it; friends won’t accept it; society  won’t accept! It wont work! What do you do? What do you do when you love someone of a different race?

Well my friends i am going to share what I did with you and I hope this will help you follow your hearts regardless of anything!

Chapter 1….The Meeting

After my divorce I thought I would never find anyone to truly love me and my boys as I wanted them to. Who would want a woman with kids? I didn’t really want a man with kids, not because i dont love the kids, but because I wanted someone to focus on us. Was that selfish, maybe, but that was what I wanted.

At first I wouldn’t see or talk to anyone even when my friends tried to set me up but one day I saw him playing basketball with his group of friends in our neighborhood. He was beautiful! His chocolate body was wet and glistening as he ran from one end to the court to the other. And I couldnt stop watching him.  Then our eyes met and I felt this amazimg shiver run through my body. Something I had never felt before. It was exciting and scary at the same time.

I had seen him before coming to visit his sister, who lived in the apartment below me but this time it was different. She even noticed because as I was leaving she stopped me to ask if she could get my number to give to her brother. it seemed he had inquired about me which made me blush, smile and look his way again and when I did he was standing there looking toward us with anticipation in his eyes so i smiled at him and he smiled back as chills ran down my spine.  I gave her my number to give to him.

As I drove off my heart was pounding, my mind was racing and I was scared. So many emotions at one time. I kept asking myself…what are you doing? You know people will not approve, even family. what will people say? How will they react? What about his family…will they approve? Has he dated a white woman…hell i havent dated a black man? so many thoughts and questions running through my head…what do i do? We havent even talked and he has me feeling some type of way.

Then I ask myself…why do you care? You never have before. You always do what you want regardless of what others think or say, but this time was different. So i told myself lets just see how this goes he hasn’t even called you yet.

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