Loving again after losing what was suppose to be your Life Mate

By: Ellen Harris

Here’s the thing about a life mate, one always goes before the other. Unless you plan out a pact to go together, or a tragic accident happens, it doesn’t work out that way. I was his life mate, and I hope when he left this world he left knowing just how very much I loved him, AND will always LOVE him.

Phase 1: Anger and Frustration. Why him, why did you take him? Why me, why do I have to live here without him?

Phase 2: Tears, Tears, Tears…normally when no one is watching because God Forbid you let anyone know how truly hurt you are!

Phase 3: Let me just drink this hurt away…

Phase 4: Learn how to smile again…not the fake ones you have been sharing with the world but a true smile. FAIL MISERABLY at this point.

Phase 5: Truly give it a try to go out with someone that is not him. Again…FAILURE!

Phase 6: Look in all the wrong places…i.e. internet dating, yes I know it works for a lot of people, just not me!

Phase 7: Let’s try that smile thing again…Hey wait a minute, this might just be working, what has changed? Oh that’s right, I am smiling now because it happened, not crying because it’s over.

Phase 8: Start focusing on positive things in your life, not always dwelling in the past, realizing all those sweet memories are not there to hurt you but comfort you.

Phase 9: Send a message to someone that touched your heart YEARS ago…he responds positively…

Phase 10: Go out with this person, because you know you are not supposed to do this crazy thing called life alone.

Phase 11: He touches your hand, you feel the spark, you are scared, but your heart is screaming, please touch my hand again, please let me see if it happens again…He does, It does…

Phase 12: He kisses you…Your Heart Damn Near leaps out of your chest…


Phase 14: HAPPINESS!!!

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