What happens to the forgotten little girl

By: Anonymous

Remember the days when you were the center of his world. Everything and every place he went,he wanted to show you off his precious baby girl. Maybe you could do no wrong, maybe you were spoiled rotten. Maybe your siblings were neglected and abused but you only you, had him wrap around your tiny tiny little finger.

You were loved back then more then you will ever be loved in your lifetime. So what happens? Do you start to grow up? Does your only family you know fall apart when a major horrible event such as a death in the family occurs? Do your siblings rebel and move out or elect themselves into foster care to better there lives. Do they include you…or are you forgotten, left behind with each passing week, to a month, to even a year with very¬†limited contact from them. Maybe your no longer the Apple of father eye for he has found a new love, and again you are left behind. Just a lonely hardly a preteen forgotten little girl.

How does this make you feel? What do you friends say? What do there parents say? Does hate build up do you yourself rebel or do you become stronger as you learn to defend and provide for your self at such a young age. Maybe another family member steps in and does there best to raise you right. And with that comes verbal and mental abuse because it constantly pointed out to you that your the reason your father not around and your siblings have moved on. Maybe you were told things like you were not worthy of love. Again just a young girl left alone. Forgotten, but who would you become?

For me…life has dealt me many troubles and hardship in my life. I learned at a¬†young age you have to work for any and everything to survive in this world. A world with no guarantee that we will live to see another day. So with that being said, I am choosing to love. Not just my family and friends but to the many who may share or feel a part of my story and can see themselves as we are all in some ways the forgotten little girls.

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